Hyatt Regency Sochi, Russia
Project:    Hyatt Regency / Sochi / Russia


Regis de Salles von DeSalles Flint, London
Architecture: Neumann & Partners
Hotel size: 198 rooms, thereof 28 suites
Completion: May 2015

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The new Hyatt Regency Sochi was opened a few months ago in the Russian Olympic city on the Black Sea coast. The location in the historical centre of the city, directly on the promenade, is as elegant as the fittings in this new luxury residence.

For this project LIGHTS of VIENNA worked closely with London´s top designer, The Regis de Salles from DeSalles Flint. These two companies already realized numerous international hotel projects together. All light fittings of this hotel were created and produced in the factories of LIGHTS of VIENNA. From the development stage to completion our team was engaged for a period of one year.

The challenge to do justice to the style of the designer while at the same time meeting the technical demands was crowned with success. The LIGHTS of VIENNA lighting can be seen in the lobby, the bar, the restaurants, the business centre, the showroom, the VIP area and of course in all rooms and suites of the Hyatt Regency Sochi.